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Get tested, Stay Safe!

Our Coronavirus Test (COVID-19) requires a gentle lower nasal swab to be collected by our technician via our in home service. Our technician will collect the sample for processing. Your sample is analyzed in our lab using our RT-PCR based test to confirm the presence of coronavirus (COVID-19). We aim to deliver your results with 24-72 hours of your sample being received by our laboratory. 

Science Lab

Who Can Collect Your Lab Kit? 

We can! 


Specimen collection kits provided by specialty labs have become preferred by many practices. Having these specialty kits collected and properly processed can be a challenge. Pinnacle Mobile Phlebotomy has partnered with laboratories nationally to provide the opportunity to have these specimen kits properly handled. These kits can be collected along with additional lab scripts all in the convenience of the patients home. 

Psychology Appointment

Reduce The Anxiety of Mental Health Care.

When working with mental health patients, sometimes you need to keep things as smooth and easy as possible.  That’s why if blood work is ever required, your best bet is to draw samples at their homes with Pinnacle Mobile Phlebotomy.  


By staying at home, patients are more calm and comfortable in a familiar environment.  Not to mention, less travel also leads to less stress.  These factors lead to higher rates of getting tests done on time so that treatment continues at an acceptable pace.


And not only is testing more efficient, Pinnacle ensures that your samples get to your trusted lab so that the data collected goes exactly where it’s needed...your records.

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Keep Your Outpatient OUT!

No, really.  


Following up on needed outpatient tests can sometimes be difficult, often leading to re-admittance down the road.  Re-admittance that could have been avoided if simple blood work was done on time.


Pinnacle Mobile Phlebotomy can ensure that timely blood work is taken care of in the privacy and comfort of any patient’s home, with samples delivered right back to the hospital’s lab.  


Not only will your patient receive the best treatment sooner, but all of your records will be in house, decreasing lag time of results and diagnosis.  And with faster turnaround time and diagnosis, outpatients can happily stay where they are...out.

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What Do Kids Hate More Than Vegetables?  
Blood Work

It's tough getting children on board with drawing blood. It's also tough on the parents' schedules. Between two jobs, school and the fact that children just don't want to. getting to the lab can be tough. 

We take the edge off of all of these real situations by taking the blood drawing directly to the children's’ homes.  Taking samples from their home, you not only alleviate the stress of having to get to the lab before it closes, but also minimize the stress of the blood drawing experience for the children.

This also ensures that your blood samples get back to the proper lab in a timely manner, so that important decisions about your patient's’ health can be made.