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Terms of Service

Pinnacle Mobile Phlebotomy, LLC, is responsible for the drawing, processing, handling, and transporting of laboratory specimens. Pinnacle does not collect any specimens without a physician order or a request from a laboratory. Pinnacle, is not allowed to give any medical advice, treat or diagnose anyone.


Pinnacle handles the delivery of all samples to their proper laboratory. If a sample is being collected for a laboratory that needs to be picked up via courier service, Pinnacle is not responsible for any delay of arrival to the laboratory, due to weather conditions or any other problems that may occur once the sample has been delivered or picked up by courier service.


Pinnacle, is not responsible for any errors that may occur at the laboratory. In the event, of a lab error, Pinnacle would gladly return to recollect the sample at a discounted rate. Any error made by Pinnacle will be corrected at no extra charge.


Any billing questions or problems for tests collected for this service should be directed to your insurance company or the laboratory billing department.


Payment for Pinnacle is collected prior to the date of service. Pinnacle, is independent of any other laboratories or doctor’s offices. Pinnacle does not have the authorization to give discounts for any lab tests that are being collected.


Patient Privacy:

The Privacy and Security Act require health care providers and other covered entities to properly manage how patient information is obtained, maintained, and disclosed to keep patients PHI protected and secure. Under no circumstances will Pinnacle give out the client’s personal information to unauthorized personnel. All clients’ information is always kept personal and confidential.  Pinnacle Mobile Phlebotomy, LLC abides by all HIPAA regulations.

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