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Blood Test

Pinnacle Mobile Phlebotomy, LLC is a CLIA certified lab dedicated to partnering with physicians, patients, and laboratories to provide concierge specimen collection specializing in phlebotomy.


Our goal is to ensure that all specimens are properly collected and handled with integrity to ensure the accuracy of diagnostic and research testing. Our mobile service eliminates travel and allows patients the comfort of being serviced in their homes or workplace. 

Whom do we service? Everyone

We are the leading mobile specimen collection provider in Michigan and it is our pleasure to assist providers with their laboratory collection needs for children, adults, and seniors. We offer specimen collection for any lab.  

Where are we located? Farmington Hills, MI

We provide local service to the Metro Tri-County area (Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland Counties) and many bordering counties such as Livingston, Washtenaw, Lapeer, Genessee, and Saint Clair. Please contact us directly if your county is not listed.

Why would I require this service? Need or Preference

There may not be enough time in your day to get to a lab location, or it may suit your needs better to have a technician come to you. The request for mobile specimen collection is based upon your preference.

What is needed to start the process? A lab order/script from the requesting physician.

The patient must a lab script or specimen kit. The script can be faxed, emailed, or uploaded via the website to us (contact info listed below). 

What is the process?

Our technician will travel to the patient to collect the specimen. The technician will collect the sample, collect any relevant documentation, process the necessary samples, and transport them to the lab. We then process the specimens, including the centrifuging, aliquoting, and freezing for the required testing.  We then ship or transport the sample to the requesting laboratory. 


How will your doctor receive your results?

The results will be sent to the requesting physician obtained on the lab order/script.

Is there a fee? Yes. The fee depends on the service and the distance

With over 20 years of experience in laboratory service, we are aware of the accuracy and efficiency required to preserve the integrity of the specimen collection process. Our service is not billed through insurance although at times it is a necessity. 


How do I schedule? Schedule online or by phone

Core Competencies:

Provide mobile specimen collection for patients, physicians, and laboratories that:

  • Aid in eliminating travel for patients

  • Collection of specimens for any requested laboratory

  • Specialized in phlebotomy for pediatrics and geriatrics

  • Prevent re-admittance for hospitals 

  • Reduce the anxiety of mental health care patients

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